Youths that were intimidating me i

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Youths that were intimidating me i

By contrast, teens have a more positive assessment of the way parents are addressing cyberbullying. Throughout the report, “teens” refers to those ages 13 to 17, and “parents of teens” are those who are the parent or guardian of someone in that age range.

These are some of the key findings from the Center’s surveys of 743 teens and 1,058 parents living in the U. When it comes to the overall findings on the six experiences measured in this survey, teenage boys and girls are equally likely to experience cyberbullying.

Indeed, teens rate the anti-bullying efforts of five of the six groups measured in the survey more negatively than positively.

Some 15% of teen girls have been the target of at least four of these online behaviors, compared with 6% of boys.While similar shares of boys and girls have encountered abuse, such as name-calling or physical threats online, other forms of cyberbullying are more prevalent among girls.Some 39% of girls say someone has spread false rumors about them online, compared with 26% of boys who say this.These differences also extend to specific kinds of behaviors.For example, half of teens who are near-constant internet users say they have been called offensive names online, compared with about a third (36%) who use the internet less frequently.

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However, there are some differences in the specific types of harassment they encounter.