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Www askmen com dating love tip

If you wanted to learn about cars, you’d hang out with a mechanic.If you want to understand women, hang out with lots of women.In a woman’s mind, if you don’t care enough to take care of yourself, how are you going to care enough to take care of another person?When you take pride in your appearance and personal hygiene, it gives you confidence and women will notice and be naturally attracted to you.However, you need to throw conventional wisdom into the wind and date a lot of women while you’re single. First, you don’t always get it right on the first try.

Women can sense this confidence, and it’s definitely a turn-on.

Speak in a voice that conveys confidence but that is also relaxed and soothing.

Approach her with the same confidence, and pay her respect by not using a cheesy line or cheap gimmick to get her attention.

If you’re seeing only one woman, it’s easy to overwhelm her with emotional needs and demands that she might not be ready for yet.

Here’s the take home point: by dating several women until you find your perfect match, you’re choosing to be with the woman you want instead of choosing not to be alone. It’s very common to hear men complain that they “don’t understand women”. Learn as much about women as you can until you find out what makes them tick.

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It’s kind of like playing the lottery: “The more entries, the greater your chances of winning.” This same wisdom applies to meeting the girl of your dreams.

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