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Woo dating

Actor Jung Il-woo has not given any statements related to rumors of plastic surgery.His fans also provided evidence that this idol has not undergone surgery.Nothing has been confirmed about the marriage plans so please do not misunderstand.

i will support all your projects:) saranghae gracias por todo me hace muy feliz verte por medio de mi computadora te admiro me encanta tu forma de ser en todos los dramas eres el mejor me gusta verte feliz y sonreir es lo bonito de alguna persona cuando sonríe y esa persona te gusta o lo admiras espero que tengas una vida muy feliz ya se que soy demasiado cursi pero siento eso por yeon woojin te amo gracias................ I didn't notice you in Cinderella Stepsis / Ojakgyo Fam, thanks to TVn for airing Marriage Not Dating, damn love it, looking forward seeing you in KBS2 bcos my tv cable only has those 2 Korean channel, TVn and KBS2... I truly hated this guy's personality in arang and the magistrate. You and Joo Won were my favorite brothers (JW is my favorite everything Korean by the way... I am not really that fun of Korean shows and movies but because of #yeonwoojin I think I better start watching your films. I Start day dreaming because of watching #letsgetmarried in You Tube. So glad he's the lead in, "Marriage, not dating." Praying for your continued success, wishing you the very best, Yeon Woo- Jin. Just started watching it in Dec 2015..on.on..could not stop.... I would love to see him in more dramas as the lead.Jung Il-woo is one of the famous actors in South Korea, who is a friend of the famous actor, Lee Min-ho. I think this guy is one lucky actor, getting paired up & make out with pretty leading ladies in most of his drama, haha lol. but hope to see u soon after this current my fav drama QFSD ...... been yours fan since 2012 Arang and the magistrates ...... good luck in your life kim bong hoe sshi My lovely oppa yeon woo jin? And to see him again in a really good drama and a really good character is so great. Oppa I love you so much you are handsome and your smile is full of happiness and your acting skills is awesome people say no one is perfect but you are perfect (at least for me perhaps) oppa saranghe waiting Wow, two lead roles in half a year?! I loved his Maltese-like puppy expressions and hairstyle in Introverted Boss... im really waiting for your new drama in 2017 "sensitive boss"... so Love your pregnant smile & one of a kind expressions. I've seen "Just ordinary Love Story", where you acted perfectly! First saw him at "Marriage not Dating", a bit awkward character yet have really great chemistry with the lead female Han Groo. He has a charisma that could caught every woman's eye..He is very hardwoking too, why he has so many drama, underrated but good quality fun & entertainment. It's one of the best historical drama I ever watched. Love your acting so much and you picked a perfect script . make me always wondering abouthe your social life but till now I didn't found anything tht tell me more about u. if u are reading this (perhaps ) jaebal make ur own official instagram ..... His chemistry with min young is out of this world really. Can hardly wait the month required to see what kind of role he chose for Queen for Seven Days (literally 1 month away, following Queen of Mystery, oddly enough on the network's part)! ♡ am currently enjoying #DLIL he's so cute with Cheok Hee. I hope to see you in the future for another projects --another romcom I hope or another drama! Honestly i am not a fan until i watched Marriage without dating! Then I start googling and found his short drama 'Ordinary Love". His new drama right now is seriouly awesometoo, the story line is really fresh. I thought I'm not going to like him because he rarely smile in "Arang and Magistrate".. You are a handsome, charismatic, and very expressive actor!

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Thanks to “Queen for Seven Days” & “Introverted Boss.” Im now in love with this actor & stalking all his drama & works. i hope in the next drama and movie, you will lead it with more talented actress... i hope in the next drama and movie, you will lead it with more talented actress... He looks like an American Korean Actor, and I searched it up, and yep, Yeon Woo Jin looks EXACTLY like John Cho (American actor). I almost liked the story of ordinary love but i was just disappointed with the ending. First i think he's such a killer, murderer, bad person on Arang, and when i knew the secret behind his character as Joo Wal.. Your range in acting is amazing with your eyes, gestures and facial expressions. I loved him so much, when first time i watch in just friend i thought he was cute and really handsome. anyway, he's character in the Arang and the Magistrate, he played it so well that i think i fell on him!! - They are intense, deep and each character is carefully shaped. He was playing a part which I am sure he was paid extremely well for.