Who is ray william johnson dating anna Adult dating services wailuku hawaii

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Who is ray william johnson dating anna

Anna Akana and Ray William Johnson had never confirmed their reasons for separation.There is no other former list from Anna Akana besides to Brad Gage and also Ray William Johnson which are known by public.Akana has also played a role in TV series, “Awkward”.She also got a role in “Ant-Man” movie in 2015 and the same year she also acted in the movie “Kids vs Monsters”.Unfortunately, they had to change the company's name from Runaway Planet to Runaway Machine, due to an already existing company having the same name. Riley Rewind is a webseries that was written by Anna Akana and created by Ray William Johnson.Akana also stars in the webseries, playing the role of the protagonist Riley Brown.

After Riley [Rewind] was finished, she started to make short films and currently has five shorts uploaded on her channel, which are called [H A L L U C I N A T I O N], [Afflicted Inc.], [Emergency Call], [PREGNAPOCALYPSE] and [Here She Is].

Ray is creating and producing a sitcom which is loosely based on his life.

ex-On December 30,2013 Ray tweeted that the show will end sometime in 2014 and that he wants to pursue other things outside of You Tube.

His show was called "Ray William Johnson" but in 2009, he changed it to "=3".

Ray started vlogging in 2010 on a channel called "Breaking NYC", but which promptly ended when his contract with Maker was cancelled and also due to him moving to Los Angeles.

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Boner Book Club is a You Tube channel where she reviews books, plays and occasionally films/movies.

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