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All of the big names in music by definition have a huge number of fans, but the Groupie Phenomenon describes something deeper, and is largely responsible for the now-obvious link between sex and rock and roll.

She was engaged to Keith Emerson of The Nice, but had the engagement famously broken off when he saw the article.After her stint as a groupie, she became an author and anthropologist who gained fame for reporting on the hippie culture in Goa, India.Most groupies will typically drop out of the music scene past a certain age, or marry a rockstar as a result.She started to spend her tim Pamela Des Barres aka Miss Pamela (born Pamela Ann Miller on September 9, 1948) is a former rock and roll groupie, author, and magazine writer. Her mother was a housewife and her father worked for Anheuser-Busch and occasionally worked as a gold miner.She started to spend her time with The Byrds and other bands, and when she graduated from high school in 1966, she took various jobs that would allow her to live near the Sunset Strip and pursue relationships with rock musicians. Nicholas, Mick Jagger, Keith Moon, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Page, Chris Hillman, Noel Redding, Jimi Hendrix, Waylon Jennings, Ray Davies, David Gilmour, Frank Zappa and actor Don Johnson.

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The group dissolved a month after the album's release because some of its members were arrested for drug possession.