Who is lindsay yenter dating now wqho is cheryl miller dating

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Who is lindsay yenter dating now

Like Lindsay Yenter, her potential suitor, Sean Lowe, 28, loves football.His name was announced Tuesday by the ABC network; he was a former participant and fan favorite in the spinoff “Bachelorette” television romance show, and now owns an upscale custom furniture business in his home state of Texas after graduating from Kansas State University where he played football as a linebacker on an athletic scholarship.Marriage doesn’t mean fancy dinners and expensive gifts; you’ll have to be content with just hanging out sometimes.Whether it’s going to the grocery store or doing the laundry, you need to be just as happy doing these boring chores as you will be on date nights.

SEAN LOWE danced a CHA CHA CHA, on the third episode of Dancing with the Stars: 2013 performance show tonight.

Whether it’s how many kids you want or where you want to live, it’s vital in any relationship to agree on the big issues.

If not, one of you may ultimately end up disappointed.

If Yenter and Lowe “hit it off,” dates on “The Bachelor” program typically include a visit to Yenter’s hometown, which isn’t always clear for a military family.

While the Yenters now live on post at Fort Leonard Wood, previous communities which might qualify as “hometowns” have included Fayetteville, N.

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Yenter posted a photo of her amazing new rock on Instagram with the caption, “You mean I wasn’t dreaming?!

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