Who is jay duffy dating online dating vs traditional dating statistics

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Who is jay duffy dating

Even though they’re all so different, they’re just not going to get the hot boy or the hot girl.

It’s just not going to happen.” That’s especially a travesty for Coughlan’s character, Clare, who came out to Erin in the action-packed ending of last series.

“Erin has grown up a wee bit, but she’s gotten braver this season,” Jackson says. As for the future of the series, the subject of teen traumas means it can run only so long.

“She still wants to be a writer; she has an inspirational teacher. “We’ll have to see if they commission more first, but is about them being at this very certain point in their life, and you can’t keep them 16 forever,” Mc Gee says.

“Cathy Prior, who’s our costume designer, organised rainbow badges for us, so it’s clear that she’s supported but in a very Derry way, where it’s, like, ‘We’re there for you, but we’re not going to tell you you’re great’.” For Michelle’s English cousin, the beta male James, well, he’s not going to become the de-facto leader any time soon.

Talking to Jackson, Coughlan, Llewellyn and Mc Gee between the Derry and London premieres – O’Donnell and Harland are absent as they both have acting commitments – it’s barely a surprise that they’re in high spirits.I wanted it to be funny, but I didn’t want to make a mockery, because people are struggling with their sexuality, so it was such a difficult balance.“I think people will be happy with how Lisa has progressed her. In most other shows it’s like there’s a gay one, there’s a popular one; they’re one-dimensional, and they skimp on fleshing the characters out, but none of the characters on the show are like that, and Clare is a fully rounded human being.“I took that scene really seriously,” Coughlan says.“We did it at the end of first-week filming, so we were just finding our feet then and didn’t know how it would turn out.

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, the whip-smart sitcom about four girls and a transplanted English boy grappling with teenage frustrations in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, was quite the success.

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