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Who is dating undertaker

The owner usually hires two or three other morticians to help them.

Often, this hired help is in the family, perpetuating the family's ownership.

Title reigns, Superstar pushes, sometimes even careers.

In 1895, the trade magazine The Embalmers' Monthly put out a call for a new name for the profession to distance itself from the title undertaker, a term that was then perceived to have been tarnished by its association with death. As the societal need to account for the dead and their survivors is as ancient as civilization itself, death care is among the world's oldest professions.There aren't seasons so wrestlers can take a break and be with their loved ones for a couple of months, the machine just keeps on going.Having a wife and family is something many WWE Superstars don't figure out how to do successfully.Ancient Egypt is a probable pioneer in supporting full-time morticians; intentional mummification began 1570 to 1075 BC.Specialized priests spent 70 full days on a single corpse.

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Only royalty, nobility and wealthy commoners could afford the service, considered an essential part of accessing eternal life.

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