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For a certain generation — those too young to remember the '80s — Charlie Murphy is the funny Murphy brother. It's not like those roasts, which aren't tributes at all. They knew each other's children, each other's wives, each other's families.

Eddie is the one who stars in family-friendly movies and reneged on hosting the Oscars, but Charlie is the renegade who still does stand-up tours and, if his "True Hollywood Stories" segments on are to be believed, once kicked Rick James's ass.

Those people, that point of view — it's dying out, man.

But I think his re-election just proved that the racist voice is on the way out. The moment you demonstrate that you're a bigot, I know you're not very smart.

Sometimes you gotta hit people where their anxieties are. ES: You're writing about hanging out with Eddie in the '80s, right around the time his career blew up.

I remember one night at Studio 54, they had a shooting contest.

They'll say the most vile thing they can think of about a person's mom. ES: You've said that, growing up with Eddie, he used to get so upset by your teasing that he'd go after you with a knife.

CM: It's easy to go on television and say horrible things about somebody. They say stuff at these roasts that they'd never say to your face.

Remember when [Don] Imus made his gaffe on the radio, and the whole country went nuts?

I had people dive over tables and start strangling me.

And every time they'd walk in the classroom, I would go, "Franken Berry! I said it every day when they came in the classroom, until one day Franken Berry punched me in the face.

I'd give them a hard time, and when it drove them crazy, that was funny to me.

ES: How do you talk down somebody when they're coming at you with a knife?

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Universe I want to see him pose with keloids on his chest." ES: Keloids as in scars? "See how many shows you do after I carve your chest up. You may star in the next horror flick, but that's about it." ES: Did he respond?