Who is amy dumas dating

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Who is amy dumas dating

While with WWE, Lee was linked on-screen with Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan and John Cena.

But it was a different former WWE Champion who caught her eye off-screen.

During her second run with WWE she was relegated from the title picture and spent much of her time in an on-screen relationship with Daniel Bryan and a feud with the Bella Twins.

Kim met celebrity chef Robert Irvine on his Dinner: Impossible TV show when he came to serve VIPs dinner at WWE’s Summerslam. Since stepping away from the ring, former Women’s Champion Molly Holly has invested in real estate and done large amounts of charity work.

The couple has appeared on WWE TV, most notably following Undertaker’s Wrestlemania defeat to Roman Reigns.

During her time with WWE, Keibler was linked with a series on on-screen romances.

Mc Cool was married to high school sweetheart Jeremy Alexander until 2006.

There was some crossover with real life here as Keilber was dating Test during their early run.And so the hard thing that has always been with this time period is, you know, we realized we were going down a path that we shouldn't and what I mean by that is mentally, mentally... "Adam was on the road and I said 'Hey, you know what? We need to be in our own worlds and evaluate and don't do anything because you know, like don't do anything for me, I'm not gonna do anything for you. You need to figure out what's right for your world. If not, I support and respect whatever your decisions are.He's like 'Okay that seems like the mature adult thing to do'."The whole thing being turned into a storyline between Matt and Edge:"It became such a hot story and they said 'They want to turn this into a story, but you guys have been professional, he [Matt] hasn't, there is money involved in this storyline, but it's your call'.But once they step away from the spotlight that focus is relaxed.Here, we have tracked down 10 of WWE’s top former female stars to find out who they are spending time with in real life today.

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She works with a Minnesota drug rehabilitation program for teenagers, where she ministers women taking part.

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