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Webcam chatbot

Poncho will even send you a daily “running forecast,” letting you know if it looks like a good day to go for a jog or not.Poncho is a great example of a chatbot that’s focused on solving one specific problem in a way that’s fun and easy to use on social media.Thanks to Facebook Messenger, “conversational commerce” (the intersection of shopping and messaging apps) is finally becoming a reality.And for a great example, look no further than the e Bay Shop Bot.When you ask to see the news, WSJ uses a carousel format to showcase the day’s biggest new stories in the most visual way possible: From here, you can quickly drill down to get what you’re looking for.The “More info” link will open a new tab full of stock market quotes, while the “Leaders & Laggards” link will open another carousel of high- and low-performing companies.

And just like the Wall Street Journal chatbot, e Bay makes great use of carousels to display products and categories: The conversation then leads to e Bay’s Shopt Bot showing you a few results.First, they start by getting a general idea of what you’re looking for.Then, they help narrow down your preferences by asking specific questions—showing you a range of options at each step along the way.This is a great way to set expectations right up-front while getting the user’s consent to send regular messages.From there, WSJ’s content splits into two main categories: headlines/news and company/stock updates.

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Near the end of your checkout, Kindred Bravely even gives you the option to receive order updates via Facebook Messenger—so you can receive your order confirmation and shipping updates right in the app.