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"Tinder is more invasive, you have to be on it all day," said Valdez.The average customer spends ,000 and usually meets someone within three and half months, said Valdez, who added that it usually takes 12 first dates to meet someone.Make sure you’ve got a comfy cushion or a situation with a back that allows you to sit upright for a while.Set your nook up beforehand so that you’re not hiding laundry and fussing with pillows when your date answers.That's where online dating coaches have stepped in."The reality is that most people are doing everything wrong," said Scott Valdez, founder of Virtual Dating Assistants.Valdez has 35 employees -- both part- and full-time -- 15 of whom are writers.

Carrying on.)It tends to go without saying, but you don’t want to adjust your butt while on a first date.

When she started Profile Polish in August 2013, she initially charged per profile, but prices crept up along with the demand.

Now, she offers three packages, which range from for a "Tinder special" with photo insight and editing help, to a profile analysis, to 8 for the "whole shebang." (She said prices will go up slightly next month). Rather than saying, "I love food," talk about the time you ate a five-course meal and finished every morsel." Hoehn declined to comment on Profile Polish's revenue but said the business is growing rapidly and has a "backlog of clients waiting for help." The popularity of online dating even has some traditional dating coaches -- who typically take on high-profile clients -- moving into the online market.

So far the best I’ve ever heard is more of a general reminder: It’s only weird if you make it weird.

If you accept that as fact, you’ll excel in today’s lesson on how to video chat for your first date.

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