Validating optical motion capture assessments of

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Validating optical motion capture assessments of

Science is something to be respected – and as usual, if it sounds too good to be true, it almost always is.

So, how we use biomechanics data to improve performance and maybe reduce the chance of injury?

He carved up AAA and was in the big leagues shortly thereafter, where he remains as his velocity has settled more into the low-90s as a starting pitcher.

The methods I described above illustrate markerless biomechanics data – this means using multiple cameras to take synchronized footage of an athletic movement and to reconstruct it using DLT to get angular velocities of limbs/body parts and forces at the various joints.

However, there are Rotation about an axis is an easy one to understand.

And from all we know about how important forearm rotation is in the pitching delivery, if we cannot capture this, that raises huge concerns.

Yet this doesn’t stop organizations and coaches using cameras and non-validated markerless methods to compute biomechanics, or worse, nonsense like drawing lines and angles on still images and calling it biometrics, biomechanics, or other buzzwords they lift from research papers they do not understand.

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However, the golden goose still remains being able to capture validated biomechanical data without invasive procedures like applying markers to a shirtless athlete. Using marker-based systems, we can get sub-millimeter accuracy of movement.

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