Updating ipod software different computer

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Updating ipod software different computer

Where this gets a bit complicated is if the device has been paired to another computer, but if you’ve just found your i Pod Touch after a long time, you might not even have the computer that it’d originally been paired with anyway. Here’s what happened to me when I plugged in my other i Pod Touch (you don’t want to know how many i Pods I have, trust me!

If you want to get the music and other material off the device before you update it and start over, by the way, check out my article on Copying Music Off Your i Pod.

This resulted in you having no music on your i Pod. Itunes even though it just installed ITSELF deletes all the songs on your i Pod to put its playlist on it that doesn’t have anything in it. I tried several utilities to recover deleted files and they didn’t work.

Keep in mind that your i Pod syncs to your computer, not the other way around. ”“After some problems with my i Pod, I reinstalled Itunes. They saw folders but said the folders were empty or unrecoverable. the only feature missing from the shareware version is the restore feature.

Don’t think I’m an idiot, I’ve had an i Pod almost since the first they came out. The worst part is I live in Bolivia, and my Mac with all my songs on it is 10,000 miles away in Portland, Oregon, so it’s not like I can just re-sync everything. The hierarchical recovery in Unerase lets you retrieve entire folders as well as individual files.

By the way, I tried Apple’s support and discussion pages, but man they really suck! You may have some success in recovering your lost music files with Unerase.

Click the 2nd generation i Pod name under “Devices” on the left portion of i Tunes.

Is it black and has “You’re A Winner” etched on the back?

This is a common mistake and Apple should really install better safeguards to help prevent this problem. I finally found a program called “recover my files”. You can still visually preview most files such as images.” ~ Chris Mac and PC users can also try using a program like Norton Utilities.

You can try searching for invisible files on your i Pod and ripping the songs off it, but that is a long shot.“Hey guys, you have a great website for i Pod tech support. Unfortunately, I tried to use my i Pod today, but all the music was gone! The About screen shows there are 0 songs, but the hard drive is mostly full still. When I can, I assume I need to restore to factory settings. I was able to recover the 737 mp3s on my girlfriend’s i Pod. Norton Utilities is a suite of different disk utilities including an application called Unerase.

” ~ todd“Sometimes when I connect the i Pod to my computer it crashes the computer. But don’t use the de-fragging or disk utilities that are part of Norton’s application suite.

Due to numerous problems and lawsuits brought on by unhappy customers, Norton is discontinuing all their utility programs and concentrating on just doing virus protection.“I connected my i Pod to an i Mac down here (we do have an internet cafe with a G4 i Mac in Bolivia) and was able to get into my music via the Terminal. To make a long story short, I found all but 100 of my tunes (where the others are is a good question), and now I can nuke the i Pod and get my music back.

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Every time you plug your i Pod into your computer, i Tunes will just automatically add as much music as your i Pod can hold based on your sync settings. Your i Pod will only copy music off a computer, not add music to a computer.