Updating cp3505 dc controller

Posted by / 19-Sep-2020 23:55

Updating cp3505 dc controller

Will include Critical install instructions Q5982-Instructions_kit (instructions may be purchased separately).

Lock - Cartridge lock kit - 4 lock lever 4 grounding spring 4 tension spring and instructions.

Couple links below, first one is Best Practice for schema updates and second one is for getting report out of AD DS schema: Upgrade As I said I’m always performing schema updates manually from command line, old fashion way:) Adprep tool is found from W2016 media support\adprep path.

Commands below In production environment I’ll either disable replication before committing changes or perform update following Microsoft best practices (live option).

Item will ship with HP CLJ 3800/3600/3000 Cartridge Lock Replacement Procedure, A MUST!

(will be included)Lock - Cartridge lock kit - 4 lock lever 4 grounding spring 4 tension spring and instructions.

As with any major change you make to your production servers, you should test the procedure in a preproduction environment using servers with the same configuration as your production systems.

As a critical part of your IT infrastructure, domain controllers (DC) should be assigned a static IP address so that they can be reliably discovered across the network.

I prefer PS because it has nowadays good support for implementing AD DS and managing domain controllers.

Below is short Powershell “one-liner” collection for implementing Domain Controllers.

Sometimes it’s necessary to change the IP address assigned to a DC, for instance when there’s a change of IP addressing scheme on the local subnet, and this process can cause some concern for administrators due to the critical nature of DCs.

However, assuming the DC is not hosting any other roles, changing the IP address shouldn’t pose any serious difficulties.

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While this can be considered a tutorial, it is more a reflection of what I did during my migration process.