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My Guestbook is fully customizeable with a combination of CSS and HTML templates.Visitors can leave you a note along with their name, email address, and location.It was generally used before 1999 when experts called it the Read -Only era.The main features of ‘The Internet’ not Web 1.0 were hyper-linking and bookmarking of the web pages.Platforms: *nix A free and fully customisable Guestbook coded in ASP. It uses xml as its Database so people who do not have acess to any database on their servers can use this guestbook. NET, Guestbook is a Python script that allows you to add a 'guestbook' facility to your website.Also the files are fully commented to explain the working of the guestbook. It is fully customisable using HTML templates - so the guestbook can be fully integrated with your website.Open Guestbook is a PHP Guestbook, powered by My SQL on backend.

The information available through Web 2.0 empowered the new generation to develop new concepts like Wiki, Widgets and Video streaming.It also allowed many users to publish their own content through few basic steps, which was not possible in the Web 1.0 or The Internet.Web 2.0 was responsible for the development of various sites that we commonly use today like Twitter, Flickr and Facebook.Features: - Design completly without restriction adjustable, because the guestbook works with templates, which are including patterns. It comes with its own install script, and is designed for ease of use.It includes fields for AOL instant messenger contacts, e-mail, location, message, and name.

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This works well for personal Web sites, and is customizable enough for... CONFIGURATION Note that you have to create the table guest.

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  1. This is by no means a be-all, end-all guide to dating in the Afghan-American world. But it goes a little something like this: If you are an outgoing, social, “modern” (I hate that word), ambitious, Afghan-American woman – honey, you better compromise. See, some Afghan-American men are a false advertisement: he wears Ralph Lauren, drives a nice car, has an active nightlife, but has the mentality of a Talib on crack. Everything about him will scream “American”, “open-minded”, “accepting” “non-judgmental”, but his actions will speak louder than his Instagram page.