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The Koran does not mandate inequality between men and women.

Officially, men and women enjoy equal rights and duties in the practice of Islam and also equality in the marriage relationship.

However, men must show that they’re able to support this number of wives.

“Women are less likely to put up with shit now because they can see the prospect of going out into the world, living on their own and actually enjoying their life.” The You Tube videos laying out Alghabban’s ingenious, heartfelt solution to the Muslim dating deadlock have been viewed more than two million times.

She can get up to 500 pleas for romantic advice a week on Snapchat, from a bewildered generation trying to remake a western courtship ritual from scratch.

For British Muslim girls in the 21st century, Thanna Alghabban is playing the role of the 18th century Jane Austin, who tells them how to navigate through the western life without falling into what’s haram or forbidden in Islam.

“The more we get educated, the more independent, the more we want real love for ourselves,” Alghabban, a 31-year-old former trainee solicitor from north London and self-styled “halal datingguru,” says of Muslim women, The Times reported on Monday, November 5.

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All Muslims belong to a community of believers called the ummah.