The rules for dating and texting

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Vancouverite Vivian Dang, 26 and newly single, has been back on the online dating scene for just over a month and she already feels ready to take a break."It's just exhausting," Dang said over the phone from her office, where she works in communications for a children's hospice."You think you're being affected by the communication itself," Trub said."You're actually being affected by the communication medium much more." For example, one person may put a period at the end of a sentence because they're into grammar and punctuation.You can’t grasp a sense of emotion or tone in a text at all.

I’ve texted them once or twice already and they’ve not replied”. The “I’m dating a person how much do I text” way and the “My friends live 4000 miles away and all I can do is text” way.

Evolving etiquette and unspoken expectations are some of the many issues experts highlight for texting while in the throes of a new romance.

However, they also have advice for those who are struggling.

"I remember just feeling so weird about it," she said.

The trials and tribulations of dating, particularly online, aren't new.

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Honestly if that’s the method you are comfortable with and you shine at then converse and be happy and DON’T WORRY.

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