The choice tv show dating results

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The choice tv show dating results

(Jordan, of course, became a college football analyst on the ABC-owned SEC Network, a development I predicted during his season.) Rachel, who was a lawyer when she made her TV debut—a job that requires years of intense post-grad training and fetches good money—seems to have quit law so she can appear on ABC-owned ESPN hosting TV and radio shows about sports.

(She even hosted , she will not be stepping back into normalcy.

Hannah’s family grills Jed over his career as a musician: Will he make enough money to support their daughter? And even if he does, what sort of quality of life will they have, with Jed needing to spend so much of his time touring and performing?

I’m all for people chasing their dreams, but Jed’s music career seems … He proudly boasts to the Browns that he recently booked his first-ever songwriting gig … We know he supplements his income by taking off his shirt for Nashville bachelorette parties (lowercase-And, yeah, sure, everybody needs to make ends meet, but he’s also plainly not that good at singing.

But how can a decision tear someone up when it’s completely obvious what the right choice is?

Hannah will probably be fine financially, single or not.

But really, she should be looking for the guy with whom she can maximize her post- your career.

We’ve all heard Jed try to hit the high notes on “Mr. Even his most professional You Tube videos feature pitchy whisper-singing.

Maybe I’m being too harsh—I guess I’ll have to wait until his Purina mixtape drops.

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The job they list under your name doesn’t matter anymore once you’re reality-TV famous.