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Despite all the constant trolling (and it was pretty constant, "RIP [INSERT BELOVED CELEBRITY NAME]" threads and "WHEN YOU SEE IT YOU' LL SHIT BRICKS" type posts with literally nothing interesting in the image, so people would fill the thread pretending to have seen it, and asking where it was, things like that mostly), I really enjoyed the randomness of it all, it was a lot of fun.

NVIDIA's SHIELD Android TV console has been, since its launch in 2015, the only Android TV you really should be paying attention to.

The capacitive navigation buttons are gone, the trackpad is gone, and the overall design of the controller is much more in line with that of a modern game console.

Physical navigation keys now sit bottom center of the face, and there's a big SHIELD button at the top to activate voice commands.

I don't understand how that happens if all the users are completely anonymous and have no screen names.

From what I've seen of 4chan a thread you would never know if you're having a conversation with the same person.7chan had a good run.

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NVIDIA's New and Improved gamepad does, in fact, feel both new improved.