Symantec manager not updating

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Symantec manager not updating

Additional Clarification: The Intelligent Updater files are designed to update client installs for SEP or SAV only.These files do not contain the required files needed by a SEPM or SAV Parent to additionally update any clients attached.I tried this Symantec fix yesterday but when I checked this morning the Scan Engine still did not update. , There is a C:\Program FIles\Common Files\Symantec Shared\Virus Defs directory which has the subfolders and files including two dated folders, 20070820.0211.002. There is also a C:\Program FIles\Common Files\Symantec Shared\Virus Defs\Definitions\Anti Virus\Virus Defs. Local dating sites in new zealand: Symqntec one of the activities to updatng giant.For the last three weeks I have struggled to get my SEPM to update win32 clients, what was happening is, only the 64 bit machines running Windows 2008 server were the only machines getting updates from the management server, this was surprising indeed as the SEPM has been functioning without any problems until this point.

Is it true that the Symantec Scan Engine needs the -x86 update?

Yesterday while I was on google, i found a post of almost the same issue with SEPM, so itried the solution and suddenly I had all my client PC's updating.

Briefly this is how i fixed this, to verify that the SEPM has been updated, open "C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\Inetpub\content\" you should see a folder or folders with the ymmddxxx naming convention, look for the current folder , inside it should have a folder named full and a zip file named full as well.

This cleared whatever was blocking my liveupdate, now it's working just fine.

I've got several questions about the Symantec Scan Engine.

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If the Symantec Scan Engine can use the i32 update, (I can look into 16-bit application issue later ) than what I need to do is fix why the Scan Engine is not updating it's definitions.

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