Starcevic and jen johnson dating

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Starcevic and jen johnson dating

As a result, Dustin nominated Nick in Jen's place, explaining some houseguests thought Nick had "been playing both sides" since Day 1."I am surprised this move was made by Dustin," said Nick at the conclusion of Tuesday night's Kail said she was "very surprised" Dustin had nominated Nick in Jen's place.However Dustin's nomination of Nick caused some major drama in the house.Amber Siyavus, a separated 27-year-old cocktail waitress from Las Vegas, NV, sobbed uncontrollably at Nick's nomination despite the fact she was the one who encouraged Dustin to "backdoor Nick." Nick was angry with Dustin for not being "real" to him and letting him know he was being nominated in Jen's place.Later, Danielle told Nick that the reason everyone had turned against him was because they believed he had cast the second vote (the first being Zach) to evict Kail during last week's vote in which the rest of the houseguests chose to evict Mike Duntz.However nobody knew it was actually America's Player Eric Stein, a single 27-year-old talent management assistant from New York, NY, who had voted for Kail because that's what home viewers instructed him to do. I just want to thank you for the time I've had in this house.I asked her if she insured it, she told me that she only got liability since the car was paid for she didn't have to get collision on it.I told her, it's a brand new car and you didn't get collision? She got all annoyed with me for telling her that, of course I told her "Well, I bought it but sure as hell am not fixing it, that's on you, you should have paid for collision on a brand new car.

She threw a fit, because she wasn't talking to her Step-Grandfather and just wanted me to pay for everything even though she could have had a big chunk of it paid for.

I told her when we both had time that we would go out and buy it together It was for her.

She started bugging the week after the show and I was busy, told her to wait and we would get it.

Show Updates People News Spoiler News Entertainment News Reality TVDB POP Hollywood Reality TV News Wire Features & Interviews Sexy Social Pics of the Day Things to Know Profiles Message Boards Shows Listing last two weekly evictions, Nick wasn't originally nominated for eviction by the week's Head of Household.

Instead, Dustin Erikstrup, a single 22-year-old shoe salesman from Chicago, IL who was serving as fourth Ho H, nominated Kail and Jen Johnson, a single 23-year-old nanny from Beverly Hills, CA.

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After the show I bought her a car which she also made a MAJOR pain in the ass telling me, not asking but telling me to send her a blank check so she could go buy it.

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