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Lloyd Georjre himself has acknowledged his supreme ability and aid.

He has the ear of the House—is fluent, concise, and extremely good at repartee.

Unionists are apparently letting tho Radicals have it all their own way just now in the hope that Mr. Now Radicals nod their heads, and will tell you Mr. “ Forster.” said a Unionist leader at Bromley, “ ifr literally, and in every other way, head and shoulders above the ruck of members of Parliament, and I sav that without disrespect. Not only the Unionist party, but the country at large and all parties, owe him and Mr.

Powell’s “points.” but they want someone else if they are to win against Mr. Worthington Evans a tremendous debt of gratitude Mr.

Acrain, the Radicals are holding very frequent meetings. They have a fine skeleton of organisation in the division, but it wants the clothing of more work and the muscles of more money for propaganda.

The neighbouring division of Dartford has not been having much of the eloquence of Mr. Rowlands, its “ Soeiali.-t- i Labour-Radical” member, recently; but ho has made recent incursions into these parts with some of his election speeches of 1910 that won Dajtford’s vote for the Radicals. It is relying a great deal on its excellent, member, one of the be.-t, assets of the Unionist party in the House of Commons—and out of it.

WORKERS IN THE DIVISION In the sixteen polling divisions there are local associations.

Much wisdom has been shown in the selection of chairmen and committees of these, for one observes amongst them the names of Mr.

“ Backwoodsmen ” are quite a respectable element in the present House. Harriman stocks and Reading w/' mildly pressed for sale, but there was lsss p.e, 'rt on Hill issues. A directly elected Senate will have the people behind it, and this will give it a checking and revising authority that no nominated or co Llege-elected Chamber can possibly have. Roebuck shares rose o points United States Steel Common and coprir stocka * U* under restraint. I ag Tee with “Tory Democrat” that in any case the inevitable tendency will be to develop all the conservatism desirable or necessary. That is not the old spirit of Toryism, which over and over again has asserted the rights of the nation at large against the tyranny of the Whigs, who, it must be remembered, long had a permanent majority in the House of Lords. To tbe Editor of “ The Standard.” Sir,—The following considerations appear to me to be essential to any reform which it now appears will be loft for the next Unionist Government to effect: Reform, to carry the nation with it, must be fair to the elected majority and minority alike. The Upper Chamber must be composed of two equal elected representative sides, elected by the House of Commons, one-haif by those returned as supporters of the Government, the other half by thosje returned as opponents of the Government. To the Editor of “ The Standard.” Sir,—The scheme outlined in your excellent article of September 5 is too complicated. The widespread constituency of Sevenoaks, embracing 280 square miles, is an exceedingly pleasant district to explore. Forster has now only got to draft his Thanks to the Electors ” for sending hiip to Westminster for the eighth time. Lubbock, Sir Henry Lennard (one of the keenest and most active Unionists in Kent). Some slight activity 'n national Harvester shares at an advance, and a w cline in Louisville and Nashville ia2 price were the Icatures ot the buying increased on the public.ition crop report, and there was a pretty oi the early losses. Tho mere inclusion of a few ex-Goveruor-lienerals or London representatives of the various States would, 1 am confident, bn productive of more harm than good.— 1 am, Sir, yours truly. The House under such a scheme would still consist of the same « lasses, chosen by complicated methods instead oi by the honest accident of birth. T his, says the town clerk, would mean a water famine in Croydon. t Pref.......; i 78^ig Oencral Lien 761a 143 I 14 ll-’ig (It. “ New presbyter is but old priest writ large.” New “Lord of Parliament” is only the Peerage with the “backwoodsmen” excluded. The measure was effectually blocked in the House of Commons, but it will come on for tho J second reading at the beginning of October. 3 -Lue ban* statement on Saturday showing 1q9 phi3 cash to have been reduced to nominal revival of talk of American intervention ? 10Ô1; 14612; I4533 Prnf..........1411; — ¡142^16 Chicasoand N.

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What proportionate majority against an act of the Commons should carry a reference to the nation arid many other* details under a scheme of this sort are possible of a fair solution, and it is fairness not only to the majority, but more particularly to the minority that seems to be of the very essence of good government. Many of the present Peers would be elected, the right to vote would be easily proved, and enthusiasm for payment of Income-tax would increase.—I am, Sir, yours truly, H. Nothing struck me more than the possibility of a strong Radical candidate doing “ enormous damage ” to the Unionist majority it the right effort be made. In the preceding January we were beaten by a round 4000.

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