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One of the reasons, as dumb as it might sounds, is dating.

I'm sick and tired of the dating scene in Madrid.

I've lived in New York, Madrid and Rome, and I will say you can meet lots of cool people in Madrid.

Don't blame Barcelona if you're meeting the wrong kinds of guys; just put yourself into the right kinds of situations to meet the right kinds of guys. Maybe dating people you meet online isn’t the best option in general, independently of the city.

I've been living here for three years and never had a serious relationship, even though I'm attractive and did put myself out there (dating apps plus going out plus hobbies).

Yes, obviously I had guys interested in me, but it was always a one way street. I have to admit that I laughed at the concept of "the boring catalan." Will mention this to the people I know from there, lol. You'll meet #1, #3, and #4 for both genders in any big city.

Don't be so centered on your "goal" and enjoy each experience; make your intentions and boundaries clear from the beginning and save you the headache.

For several reasons I'm considering to move to Madrid (my work would allow me to).I have heard the term "cosmopolitan" my whole life, but I think of Madrid when anyone says it. So your post makes me think that this might be an issue with you yourself.It has been my experience that the best men I know, can sort of "smell" (sense) very quickly when a woman is like you. We all have to come to terms with this in life sooner or later.And then, it is nothing like "dating", but rather a messy transition, slower or faster, from friendship to whatever it may become.As a result, I feel that it is only natural that you only find those kinds of people on Tinder: In summary, I don't think you'll have any greater success in Madrid than in Barcelona by following the same approach.

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