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[Sonny is openly insulting Chad on the set of his film]Sonny Munroe: [to Selena Gomez] Oh, and another thing, he is the worst actor of our generation. [Bart gives Chad back his megaphone]Chad Dylan Cooper: [angrily yelling into megaphone] CUT! Chad Dylan Cooper: [yelling back into megaphone] YOU STOP THE LYING! I mean other than the fact that we have to rehearse. [Sonny leaves the room]Sonny Munroe: You know what, I forgot my jacket. [walks to get her cell phone]Sonny Munroe: ..that's mine! Selena Gomez: [yelling at both Sonny and Chad] BOTH OF YOU JUST STOP! [She points to the jacket]Tawni Hart: Girl it's cold out there. [dials and suddenly changes her tone] Chad, it's me, Sonny.[giggles]Sonny Munroe: Look, can we discuss this like real people? [to the 'So Random' cast]Sonny Munroe: He's on his way back over here right now! " I moved forward and rested my arms around Sonny's waste. Those fireworks that teenage girls always freak out about? My heart started racing, a new feeling for me."This isn't a good idea, is it? She really doesn't want to kiss me."Sonny, we can't do that.

Domain typos are the common mistakes that people make while trying to insert a website, by registering the popular typos you can protect your brands and visitors and redirect them to your main website.In season 2, Chad asks her out, beginning their relationship. Tawni is probably the only person who initially knew about Sonny and Chad's mutual feelings for each other, but never mentioned it to anybody. She is often seen giving her advice and is shown to be nicer than before, such as the instance of driving Sonny all the way back to Wisconsin in "Sonny with a Secret", but she tells Sonny to do projects for her, shown in "Falling for the Falls (Part 1)". He is the arch-rival of Sonny and the cast of So Random!But she breaks up with Chad towards the end of season 2. It is not explained why Sonny seems to be missing from the show. Also, she still doesn't like it that Sonny's boyfriend is Chad, as do all of the So Random! early in the series, as well as Sonny's love/hate interest as developed later.And sorry for the long authors not that said very little about the story. ""Looks like it." I said, scanning the script, and I gasped."What? "oh."We practiced and I have to say, Sonny is one heck of an actress. Sonny got up with tears running down her face and walked calmly out the doors.There's no way you could be shocked by any twists all-mighty King of Drama." she rambled."Sonny." I chocked. "Y-your Mac-Mc Kenzie's l-l-l-love interest." I stuttered."You weren't expecting that? She started flipping through the pages until she got to the dreaded page, and she groaned."Chad, this isn't a kiss.""It isn't? Summer was Chloe's cousin visiting from Washington. The silent cafeteria erupted in whispers."What did you just do Chad?! Sonny is cool." Devon said."Shut up." I mumbled, feeling even shittier than I felt seconds ago.

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Mackenzie was attracted to her dedication and energy. The rest of the cafeteria followed in suite."Everywhere I go! I felt a tap on the shoulder, and turned around hoping it was Sonny.

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