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Skype is an Internet communication service where users can call mobile phones from their computer, send instant messages or video chat with other users at the click of a button.Many of the services are free, and with an affordable monthly subscription to Skype Premium users can take advantage of a number of additional services.From the Properties menu, choose Uninstall and then restart your computer. From Windows Sound, right-click on the device suffering difficulties.Windows won’t always automatically default to the correct device. Then from the context menu you can either choose Set as Default Device or Set as Default Communications Device.If the video image of yourself is too dim, then you might need to adjust the lighting settings. Select Camera Control in the tab at the top of the screen. That should automatically brighten your webcam image up.If it does not, skip to the section below titled “Just in case you’re also experiencing microphone or speaker problems, in the pane on the left, you’ll see an option for Audio settings. In the right pane, you’ll see all of the attached microphones and speakers.But before you begin troubleshooting, start with a few simple fixes.

For example, I can change from the can require a lot of effort.If you do see an image of yourself, that means the camera works.If you have more than one webcam attached to your PC, then you might need to select the correct one.To set the correct devices as the default, you need to go to Windows Sound. If you set it as the Default Communications Device, it will automatically become the default whenever Skype is launched.If the device is not connected, it will display with a red icon in its lower-right side.

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Then right-click on the device, or devices, located underneath Imaging devices. On the context menu, choose Update Driver Software. In this case, you’d need to locate the model of your webcam and go to the manufacturer’s website for driver support.

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