Signs you are dating someone who is bipolar budapest dating service

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For the best chance of success in a new relationship, be sure to communicate openly and follow your treatment plan.Dating someone with bipolar disorder can be challenging, because you can’t control when your partner experiences a mood shift.

When I suspected him of cheating, he made me feel as though bipolar prompted delusional ways of thinking.When experiencing depressive episodes, a person with bipolar disorder can seem tired and sad. These major shifts in mood can make communicating and socializing difficult.While the symptoms of bipolar disorder can be managed with medication and psychotherapy, they can still take a toll on relationships, perhaps especially romantic ones.I have had men reject me based on my openness about bipolar disorder and tell me they don’t feel comfortable dating someone with “those types of issues.” There have been many dates where stigma plays a role, but I pay no attention to it anymore.These experiences have only made me stronger and more confident.

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