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When things progress, you will then have the opportunity of taking your Whats App chat to another level.

But in the beginning, keeping it clean is the only way to go.

Gentle teasing, flirty humour and subtle comments are the perfect thing to do.

Always remember to draw the line between, gross and sleazy and flirty and sassy.

Time It Right Sending messages via Whats App chat at night is a good place to start.

This means that you will be what she is thinking about when she goes to sleep.

Don’t Look Desperate This is one of the worst possible things that you could do and it will totally ruin any chance you had of ever impressing the girl.

She will be driven away because this is so off-putting.

This will make sure that you grab her interest so that she will keep talking to you.This doesn’t mean you need to go overboard and tell her dumb jokes, teasing a girl playful will keep her interested while you chat on Whats App.It also helps to make her feel more comfortable and attracted to you. Dirty jokes with the guys may be great but with a girl you are trying to impress this is not to be done.It can be pretty tough for boys to know how to impress a girl on Whats App that they like.It is like a minefield, especially when done over Whats App chat or texts, and the fear of rejection can be overwhelming.

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Use Her Name If you start your message with her name, she will realize, even subconsciously, that you are speaking to her and only her. Whatever you do, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, make sure that you spell her name correctly and use the right name, not some other girls!

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