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Sex dating in spenard alaska

I feel a huge sense of accomplishment when the house I've been working on for months is finally complete." Three must-haves: : "Fresh-baked cookies, Notre Dame football and music-especially hip-hop and country." Cool school subject: "I'm taking classes on the different ways men and women communicate.

And if not, don't string him along." Sex on a first date? Flying is my passion."Hottest female feature: "Hips"What he wants in a woman: "Beauty and brains"Dude dating advice: "If you like a guy, be honest and tell him. "Name: Steve Breci Age: 24 Hometown: Eagle River Cosmo Username: ALASKABACH07 Occupation: Equipment operator In his own words: "I'm genuine, confident, and funny - I joke all the time." Muscle man: "A big hobby of mine is bodybuilding.And if not, don't string him along."Sex on a first date? I've been in six competitions." Clothes call: "It's sexy when a girl puts on one of my wife beaters." Turn-him-on tactic: "A head massage feels great." Dating deal breaker: "When she says nothing about who she is." Why do women: "Often ­categorize all men as jerks? I, for one, am a nice guy."" title="image" class="lazyimage lazyload" data-src="*"Name: Steve Breci Age: 24Hometown: Eagle River Cosmo Username: ALASKABACH07Occupation: Equipment operator In his own words: "I'm genuine, confident, and funny - I joke all the time."Muscle man: "A big hobby of mine is bodybuilding.Hitting the slopes turns a dream Northwest winter into something a little more tolerable."Ideal date: "I like to keep it simple: We'd cook a nice meal together at sunset, then eat it with a good wine.We'd get to know each other by sharing stories about ourselves." Name: Curtis Hembroff Age: 31 Location: Anchorage Job: Director of business development Email: [email protected] his own words: "I'm the ultimate alpha male. But I also have a socially aware side." Tease him with tights: "I love when women wear fishnets or textured tights." When a relationship is right: "You know it because you feel attachment… "Yes, it creates a challenge, which is fun." Dating tip from a dude: "I think women have too-high expectations of guys.

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