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Sex cam registration not required

Once you complete the wizard you will have a QR code that you can show to all the cameras that you want with this particular configuration.

Please note that from the web, you have to register R2 cameras with a QR code as well which is why we suggest to use a mobile app.

Showing the QR Code After the camera powers up, you can show the QR code to the camera when the LED is flashing blue.

At this point, show the QR code on the phone to the camera (generally a few inches away is fine) You'll know when the camera has accepted the QR code when you hear a "click" sound and then the LED will change from flashing blue to flashing green.

App Download Registering from Mobile Apps Once an app is downloaded, login to the app and click "Register Camera" from the home screen.

That will take you through a few quick steps including assigning the camera to a location.

You can register a camera either from a mobile app (download links below) or via the web.

This can be a problem whenever you set up a camera using a domestic level broadband account.

If for some reason it still doesn't work and you're using Wi Fi, ensure your Wi Fi network supports the following requirements which are listed at the bottom of this article.

If you're using Ethernet, try plugging a laptop into the Ethernet to ensure it can connect to the internet. Registering the R1 Long Range Camera If you have an R1 long-range camera, a little more effort is required to register the cameras.

This software periodically sends an update to the Dynamic DNS service to renew your IP address, keeping it current.

It also has an added benefit of giving a meaningful name to your camera instead of an IP address making it easier to remember and will keep your camera connected to the Internet at all times, even if you change your ISP!

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Many camera/router manufacturers support this feature in their devices.