Scorpio rising first decanate dating type

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A hard-to-pin-down lover, but so passionate, inventive, basically kind, though scheming at times.2nd Decan » 1st - 10th June: Influenced by Venus, you combine a lively mind and rapier wit with a gentler side that gains you popularity and assures success in any work with people.You are deeply centred with a rare devotion - to loved-ones, work, interests and beliefs.

1st Decan » 22nd - 31st May: Ruled by Mercury, you are a quick-silver personality, changeful, very versatile and intriguing. Being multi-faceted, you may find success in many fields.

You have a lion-sized ego, but a lion-sized heart, too.

You are a warm, loyal lover and a generous forgiving friend.

To typical Taurus earthiness is added a perfectionist streak, the highest ideals and finely tuned perceptions.

You are a patient and caring but complex lover, at once dependable and slightly enigmatic.

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