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He can be the one to ask you out first, so you don’t need to worry about this. His honorable ways make him a trustworthy person and he expects his partner to be the same. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, and the ruler of Sagittarius. However, they are poor judges of characters and situations.For this reason, men in this sign are emanating an immense energy. Their courageous spirit makes them more curious about what’s to follow and less interested in the consequences.He wants someone to be next to him for the rest of his life, but careful, that person needs to be as independent and adventurous as he is.The man in this sign looks for someone as knowledgeable as him, someone with whom he can talk about everything.He aims to achieve great things and he likes people who are unpredictable.

While he is a master of philosophical conversations, he doesn’t like talking about himself. When dating a Sagittarius, schedule dates that involve some sort of adventure. He likes being in a relationship, but he doesn’t want to over complicate things.

The explorer symbol of the zodiac, this man is never bothered when things change.

On contrary, he is bothered by routine and monotony.

He’s not that eager to settle down and he would hate it if you’d start talking about a possible wedding. Furthermore, he empathizes with other people’s problems, which makes him a sympathetic partner.

His independence is very important to him, so don’t expect to have him around for too long. You have to be energetic if you want to be with him.

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