Regular expression for validating special characters elements of relationships and safe dating

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Regular expression for validating special characters

A regular expression is a pattern that is matched against a subject string from left to right.

As a developer, mastering regular experssions can be a powerful tool to have in your toolbelt; you are definitely going to have to use them in your programs at some point of time, search and replace using regular expressions in IDEs comes really handy sometimes and I find myself using them in the command line every single day.try below if you want to remove special character string str File Name = "DAs sandeep -_"; str File Name = Regex.Replace(File Name, @"[^A-Za-z0-9-_ ]", ""); If you want to use regular expression use below, Mark as Answer if it helps.Now, you may be thinking that character set and alternation works the same way.But the big difference between character set and alternation is that character set works on character level but alternation works on expression level.

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For example, the regular expression is used to define alternation.