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” What brought on these feelings of joy in both of us?

To be honest, he’d just had sex—with another woman. There’s actually a word for the joyful feeling that a polyamorous person has when his or her lover or spouse walks through the door after spending the afternoon making love to his or her new girlfriend or boyfriend: .

In a flash of déjà vu, I remembered that same vibrant and enraptured look from 25 years earlier, when we first met.

It was a sudden reemergence of his vitality that I hadn’t fully seen in our domestic nest for many years.

I have a Whitty sense of humour Im like marmite u either love me or..

But now, in his detailed (and scintillating) descriptions, that fire in his eyes was beaming.

“Baby,” I told him genuinely, “I am so happy for you!

My sense about polyamorist activism is this: There’s a slow-moving, off-the-radar, but politically savvy polyamory contingent who are in the same place now as the gay activists were 30 years ago.

They initially plan to “out” themselves while, simultaneously, working assiduously to gain the recognition and respect of a majority of the polity. They hope the projected groundswell of positive—or at least, non-judgmental—populist attitudes toward polyamory will convince the judiciary that polyamory “throuples” have the same constitutional right to marry as opposite- and same-sex couples.

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Mull over a sampler of poly-terms from the ever-expanding poly-lexicon—verbal sleights of hand all, describing poly-people and their choices as morally ambivalent, maybe. The form and substance of much of poly-ideology, synonymous with so much of our present-day perfect cultural storm, explains why it might just be the best catalyst to usher the polyamory petitioners into the grand Courtroom of the SCOTUS.