Peavey bass guitar serial number dating Video chat on ipads adult

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Peavey bass guitar serial number dating

My Peavey Studio Pro 112 Trans Tube (1995 or 1996, I believe) has an 8 digit serial number without a prefix.But then again I have an old Peavey Envoy 110 teal stripe that is a 1990, and uses the serialization system of the 1980s.Your serial # 1A-05016114 still follows the system used throughout the 80s, and apparently into the early 90s.So that prefix indicates an amplifier manufactured in year 1 of the decade.Case in point: A question was asked at the Peavey website forum about a serial number date (00763566), our very own michaelcpoulin, and AJ came back with 1982.

In my limited experience, a teal stripe such as yours would date from 1990 on.I'm wondering when it was is pre or post 1980?? Does anyone know anything about this guitar and why the name is burned into the front of it.Thanks Rich The name burned into your T-60 is probably NOT Chip Dale, but instead it's Chip Todd.In the decade of the '80s, serial numbers were made up of a 2 digit prefix and an 8 digit serial # following that.The prefix indicated the year of manufacture, followed by 8 digits in the rest of the serial number, which was the pattern.

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