Nuts com dating

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Nuts com dating

As veterans ourselves, much of our product naming is based on military terminology, with the odd outliers that are just based on a little lowbrow humor, because lowbrow humor and military go together like whiskey and bacon.

Trading a candy bar for that shiny new gear is far more acceptable than bringing nothing to the salty old Supply Sergeant and ending up with something that has been in use since the Revolutionary War.In the hallowed halls of American military institutions around the world, the close ties of those who defend freedom against those enemies foreign and domestic leads to a special relationship that is seen nowhere else.As with any close-knitted group, a level of exclusivity develops, which brings with it things that not only separate it from other groups, but also add a level of mystery that is not easily understood.Finally, the Army jumped on board and started throwing around “pogue” as well, because they might be slow on the uptake, but they didn’t want to be left out of the club. After a bit of a hiatus from the popular vernacular, the acronym “pogue” was picked back up during the Global War on Terrorism and was slightly altered to be written as “POG.” This alteration of the established acronym is known as a backronym and brought with it a slight change to the term.The Air Force doesn’t really use it, because let’s be honest, they’re basically an entire branch of pogues playing military dress-up (Don’t hate us, Air Force. The term POG is basically anyone who does not work in those traditional front line, tip of the spear jobs. The ones who get to sit back and get to live their best life behind the wire on a deployment with wi-fi, three hots and a cot, or for the ultimate in POG-life, not deploying at all and complaining when the gym runs out of fresh towels.

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