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Nikolaev ukraine dating agency ukraine

In 1987, on the yacht “Ikar”, designed and built by students and employees of the Nikolaev Shipbuilding Institute, the team of 7 people from Nikolaev traveled around the world for the first time in Ukraine.

September 26, 1997, the present coat of arms of Nikolaev was approved.

The first known settlements on the banks of the Southern Bug and Ingul appeared at the end of the late Paleolithic (about 20,000 years ago).

In the Late Bronze Age, in the 12th-13th centuries BC, on the site of present Nikolaev for about 300 years, there was a fortified settlement of Cimmerians, the only known port in the north of the Black Sea during the period of the Trojan War.

In 1796, the Black Sea Admiralty Directorate was transferred from Kherson to Nikolaev.

In 1821, the first observatory in the south of the Russian Empire was built in Nikolaev.

However, the shipyards in Nikolaev were not destroyed, because from a formal point of view, the town was not a port standing on the shore of the Black Sea, since it was located on the Southern Bug River, a few dozen kilometers from the sea.

Industrial enterprises of Nikolaev produce about 50% of ships in Ukraine, over 90% of gas turbines, 80% of alumina.Petersburg and Odessa in terms of trade with foreign countries and for grain exports, the suppliers of which were steppe regions - the first place in the Russian Empire. In 1918-1920, power in the town changed several times.Nikolaev became a large industrial center in the south of the Russian Empire. Before the Second World War, the city was again an important industrial center.This is the oldest town on the territory of Ukraine, which is mentioned in written sources.During the Mongol invasion, the region was devastated and for a long time remained sparsely populated.

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The impetus for the further development of the region was that the Russian Empire gained access to the Black Sea, as a result of the Russian-Turkish wars.

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