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Newgrounds dating advice

some pick up lines are real good for example: Can I have a picture of you, i need to show santa what i want for christmas (i can vouch for that one, it got me my current girlfriend) while others should not have been thought of: im not fred flintstone but i can make your bedrock (useless in many ways)but besides pick up lines all i canm advise you on is compliment her alot little pieces of shit cardboard with some weird witch on them DOES NOT count as a girlfriend and is damn near impossible to "sex" unless in your case you have a pin dick that could make an ant seem like The Big Show...

And if you really like someone, just get to know them first, don't expect to just instantly get in their pants. If you have intentions don't voice them until you think you have a chance.

Like going to a restaurant it need not be a famous/renowned one just needs to have good food and ambiance for atmosphere wise . I almost thought it was a whole yard given the first photo in the thread. Krabs called, he said he wants his legs back (even though he obviously sold those). For example, fast food places (Sonics and Five Guys) but both were tasty, much preferred Sonics though as those Five Guys burgers were just overly expensive and not really worth the cost of the burger. Another example, we went to Joe's Crab Shack (as seen in images above) and talk about AMAZING!

I think this is more of a common sense situation here rather than you actually needing advice.Like what do we even do in England for enjoyable dating and generally entertainment?Pubcrawls may be fun for Newgrounds meet ups but probably not for dating.Looking back, I probably could have prepared better but I don't blame him for being apprehensive on spending money on tickets.It especially doesn't help that one of the first impressions he got of me was my card's expiration date hitting while in the middle of shopping...

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