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Comments included “sexy,” “romantic,” and “I´d wear that on a date.” Results averaged an 8 out of 10 score! ) 3) The “winner” Patty picked for me: Antonio Banderas Spirit for Women.

It’s not very complicated development-wise (starts spicier and gets sweeter on the drydown) and has good lasting power. So I went and sniffed, and I don´t think they´re similar, but to me it´s a quite similar to …. I´m thinking about telling Patty she cheated, because I was at the hair salon leafing through Self (or possibly Shape) and they had an actual ad with Antonio and some hot young thing (NOT the current Mrs.

Anyway, it´s strong, it´s mean, it´s green, it´s a little skanky on the drydown, the sillage approximates the left hand of death on your shoulder, and I guess it´s so cheesy it doesn´t even appear on the MUA boards. A survey of the MUA boards reveals that Sand & Sable has a 3.9 rating out of 5, based on 30 (,バッグ クロエ!

) reviews, and elicits comments along the lines of: “very beachy,” “takes me back to my high school years,” and “the perfect summer vacation scent.” Sand and Sable is Bobbi Brown Beach for about less.

tommers bør observere at det har den faktiske papirene over alle domener som er autorisert til nå.

Egentlig får en nettside navn registrar derfor som vil hjelpe deg løsning selve spørringen "Hvordan skal jeg registrere seg på nettsiden navnet, Canada Goose AQrl I?

This Feminine Scent Possesses A Blend Of Florals With Fruity, Green Middle Notes Finishing With Hints Of Musk And Amber.I tillegg vesentlig å finne et svar mot de mest populære søket "hvordan vil jeg registrere seg på nettsiden navnet?Tommer ville være å innse at etter å få et nettsted navn registrar, vil den faktiske registrar snappe alle ting.If you´ve been following our posts you know all about the drugstore losers Patty and I selected, and the general sorry state of affairs at the drugstore perfume counter. It took me a few minutes to remember why: tanning oil.Stay tuned for Patty’s post on her “winners.” So I took them up on it and wore Spirit to a dinner party and elicited feedback, while keeping the perfume anonymous for its own (and my) protection. 1) The “winner” I picked to send to Patty: Coty´s Sand & Sable. Although it´s not listed in the notes above, this has a definite hint of the old Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil (remember those dark brown bottles?

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Pent, er løsningen for dette søket ikke så vanskelig selv.

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