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The movie is based on the inspirational true story of one mother’s unfaltering love in the face of impossible odds.

New Beginnings Southeastern MAA Safe and Supportive Place for Single People Recovering from a Spousal Loss through Death, Separation or Divorce. The group consists of both separated/divorced and widow/widowers.

This group is usually for people who have lost their relationship within the last year, or so.

Moving On: This group is for those who are no longer in crisis and are moving on with their lives getting back into society.

We are here to work with individuals looking for a monogamous committed relationship. 3 hours of coaching sessions* where you will work exclusively with Adale one on one to help you move forward to create your best life.

any people today are finding it harder than ever to meet the right person.

Life's Lessons: This group is for those who are now comfortable with moving on.

This group will deal with the issues of living alone and making a new life with new friends as a single person.

Seasoned Singles: This group is for those who have accepted being single.

Monday Evening Schedule: – - Orientation - A session to describe to new visiting singles our organization, mission, and services.

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Average attendance is 30 members each Monday evening.https:// Summe... This group focuses on issues of meeting new people, dating, and relationships.