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He is shaken to the core by the state of Antonio Brown’s feet The app itself works well most of the time, it’s reliable, I use it for 90% of my fantasy transactions throughout the season.The biggest problem I’ve encountered is that the message board on the app and the message board on the browser are two entirely different forums for some reason.Easily switch between games and focus on what really matters: drafting your team, setting your lineup, and winning!

My other primary complaint is pretty superficial, but I really miss the black background. At long last, Yahoo opened fantasy baseball last month (well behind schedule and other platforms), but our league has no way to view our rosters from the previous year on the app.

When you have both Yahoo Messenger and the Yahoo Messenger plugin installed on your Android device, you can start making voice and video calls.

To start a video call, click the "Menu" button within a conversation and tap on the video option to launch the call.

This definitely creates headaches, since it’s very confusing when half of the league is using one or the other.

Kinda seems like they should be one and the same to cut out the possibility of being left in the dark on important announcements or just general league updates, trade requests etc.

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