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Meet fuckfree messages

That one scene should cure any viewer of ever thinking it’s okay to ask a trans person that intimate question ever again.While Patty showed some guts approaching Angel, she was a chicken when dealing with everything else.Luckily, Tony winner Billy Porter plays Pray Tell, so we know his pipes are all of his own.

Stan just starts sobbing, either crushed that his secret is finally out or liberated that he no longer needs to hide.

All of this happens without confronting him or asking for an explanation.

When she finally works up the courage to do that, it’s at an ambush psychiatrist visit. She doesn’t even mind that he cheated just why he cheated “with that person.” She asks him if he’s gay or if “something happened to him as a child,” because those are the only two possible explanations.

Patty feels the same way as his wife, and says that she needs to keep lying to herself to pretend like all she ever wanted to be was a wife and a mother.

She felt like a doll who was only of value when Stan wanted to play with her.

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