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The previous Mario Kart tournaments were unfair as it gave the racers who started first got an advantage, so the pole position shootout was implemented. Luigi was busy tinkering in the pits when Lakitu came to him.

Basically, each racers get a turn to race around the circuit in three laps, and the lineup for the actual race would be from the fastest to the slowest. He noticed that Luigi had changed his kart dramatically.

In a matter of minutes, Lakitu had interviewed all the high-profile racers, not even bothering with the lower profile ones.

In fact, most knew that this time, this tournament would be a four-horse race contested between Mario, the favourite, Peach, Bowser Jr. Donkey Kong and Yoshi were also miles ahead of the pack. Luigi watched the other shootouts in hope that some of the racers would stuff up.

Unlike all other circuits, in this one if you fell off the edge, Lakitu would take you to the pits and you would watch on hopelessly, becoming a mere spectator. Suddenly the horns blared, signalling the start of the shootout. Unfortunately, he took it too narrowly, and the left side clipped grass. In a Mario Kart race, seconds are minutes, minutes are hours, and hours are an eternity. His kart thundered through at 150km/h, and then he slowed and composed himself for the final turn which led onto the home straight. Luigi knew very well that with two blunders already, either he make this one or he would be out of the top 5. Unless some rocket starts were used while the top 3 did not have any, on a course with as few item boxes as Luigi Circuit, only the top 3 could give them the edge, which also meant that, if they got the right item, could easily catapult them further.

Mario eagerly went into his kart, which although bearing a humble name ('Red Racer') was by far the most all-around kart you can find. Luigi watched his older bro tackle the course with absolute precision: taking every turn in the course perfectly. No, he was probably already out, and now he must cling for a spot in the top 10. It wasn't uncommon to see a Mario Kart race end only too find that the leader board is pretty much the same as it has started.

In fact, Luigi, who had suffered from being not as well-known as his older brother (despite also rescuing the princess on a number of occasions). And then the L Charger finished its pole position shootout. In truth, only a small amount failed as much as he did.

On the other side of the track was the pits, where all 16 drivers was busy tinkering with their karts before the race.Lakitu quickly went onto the start line with his trademark signaller. Mario Kart DS is the fifth game in the seminal kart racing series from Nintendo and the only Mario Kart game to appear on the DS.It was a standard race course, perfect for beginners: no hazards, and it was an oval track with no sharp turns.Also, it had the lowest amount of item boxes in the entire tournament, only 3.

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Most notably this is the first Mario Kart to be playable against other players online via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.