Louis tomlinson is dating model eleanor calder Sexmobil videochat online

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Louis tomlinson is dating model eleanor calder

ELEANOR Calder got back with ex-boyfriend Louis Tomlinson in early 2017.But her relationship with Louis aside, Eleanor has carved out a career that's all her own - showing off her fashion expertise on social media.Over the past few years, she has developed her reputation as a fashion blogger by launching The Trend Pear with her best friend Max Hurd.The site covers fashion, travel and lifestyle tips from the male and female perspective.On the about site, the pair reveal they write in this way in order to break down gender norms in fashion.She has a strong online following boasting an impressive 3.5million Instagram followers and the same number of Twitter followers.The incident unfolded when Louis got into a row with a snapper who wanted to take their picture and Eleanor tried to stop a female fan from filming the ensuing brawl.The young woman, who sported a cut over her eye, reportedly said she would be pressing charges and has since told TMZ.com: “When he punched me, I was actually wearing glasses – so he broke my glasses.

Although Louis might have been the reason for bringing the spotlight on her, Calder has gradually developed a fan following of millions on Instagram as a fashion blogger.But The Sun exclusively revealed the One Direction star would not be charged by police over the airport brawl. And no, they are not true, Louis is dating Eleanor, Tae and Louis were just hanging out and are good friends, Tae was dating Zayn, but…“It’s really sad because Danielle has been there for Louis through this horrible time.“She has stood by him, remained loyal and continued to be a great support, which is exactly what he needs.

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The root cause of their split is not officially known, but it was reported at the time that Louis' hectic schedule with One Direction played a role in the romance not working.

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