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Accordingly, qualifying with a handgun enables you to carry any handgun under LEOSA, be it pistol or revolver.In law enforcement, a lot of the recent scuttlebutt focuses on off-duty and retired officer carry laws, covering what you can and cannot do under the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA).However, because of a failure to remain consistent with the language used in both parts of the statute, those without arrest authority are unable to qualify upon separation.

How can this provision apply to those that have seperated with less then 20 but greater then10 years of service get an ID?Signed into law on July 22, 2004, by President George W.In addition, LEOSA now applies for active law enforcement officers of the Amtrak Police Department, Federal Reserve, and executive branch of the Federal Government, even if they lack statutory powers of arrest.Attorney for the District of Columbia took a similar position in an amicus brief filed in the Superior Court of D.In one of the few criminal cases to examine this issue, People v.

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No separate qualification is necessary unless the state or agency has a different qualification standard for it.

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