Kimora lee dating birdman

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When Russell stepped down as CEO of Phat Fashions LLC in September 2007, Simmons—who was already creative director of Baby Phat (which was a branch off Phat Farm Industries)—was promoted by Kellwood to president and creative director of Phat Fashions.

It was her goal to turn fashion label Baby Phat, launched in 1999, into an "aspirational lifestyle brand".

It looks like Leissner has acquired a great big family. Simmons is a reality star, fashion mogul, and successful entrepreneur in addition to being a former model.

Leissner, Simmons, and her children were all spotted vacationing together in St. He developed a close rapport with Malaysian billionaire Ananda Krishnan in 2007 while advising him on his purchase of telecommunications company Maxis Communications Bhd, a person close to the deal said.

While definitely his former flame-turned close friend, he let the cat out of the bag and announced her marriage to Tim Dijimon Hounsou. News, Leissner works at a senior level position for Goldman Sachs, so he can definitely keep up with Simmons’ luxurious lifestyle.

I’m really not sure what’s going on here but my first thought was; Why the fuck are you driving yourself to Fed Ex?

Continue reading The rest is all arbitrary: pick a cake, have an open bar to prevent your family from hating you forever, post a picture to Instagram and wait for the ‘likes’ to roll in.

Or just skip the last part and let your ex-husband announce it on Twitter, like Kimora Lee Simmons did.

After reading a rumor online that Kimora was dating rapper and possible oil tycoon Birdman, Russell Simmons proved he has the heart of a yoga turtle and bravely cleared her good name (for real, read that super-embarrasing shit about Birdman’s oil company) on Twitter by letting everyone know she’s been off the market for a while: face with an investment banker booty? You’ve got to hand it to Kimora; bitch takes a great mugshot and runs a tight gold digger game. I hope your super-secret wedding also involved a super-secret pre-nup (for whatever reason (aka Ty Ty fired her).

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Financial heavyweight Tim Leissner has apparently tied the knot with the beautiful Kimora Lee Simmons.