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Join olympic american singles dating service  trial membe

LONDON, M..v 8 Premier Ram- shv Mftn of the London Naval Conference. estimates will prob- ably be Introduced before long. The afternoon proceedings weet) not wi'h'iut tin u bun MH Just after one of the choirs got into the lull stride of the first test piece con- • let nal ion wa- . Mr David Campbell Class 16 — Vocal solo; girls under sixteen years.

REGULATIONS FOR VEHICLES PROMULGATED rtghteiung Up of trr of Lights on Cars Shown Changes Charac- Motor Hopes for Speedy End of Disorders In India Fading an in DO IT NOW Qo Men Bantam Corn, per lb per lb utr doien Kindt mt Vaaeta M* aad flatter Seed* In Met* r Runner Hear.* Earllana romatoa*. 70') DEVICE TO HALT SPEED MANIACS Mother's Day— Sunday, May 1 1 GIVE HER AN ATWATER KERT Screen Grid Radie "The Supreme Gift of Lasting Pleasure From J 25, Complete. number u as i f fn i ifd on Thurs- day morning when H A Mackle. C., prominent Edmonton barrister 1 and /nrmer Conservative M. for j Fast Fdmon'on announced his i'aii- dldature as an independent in At ha bask a A U. as there is gen- eral ill feeling towards Europeans by natives." ANXIOUS MOMENTS Wilkinson himself had some anx- ious moments as wehen he learned that hundreds of excited natives were demonstrating outside his mill "Taking my revolver I got through the gesticulating crowd and man aged to get safely inside the mill, he said. , the equipment tents, furniture, Electric Washers PHONE 8417 Come in and Ix , 24c Boneless Stew, lb. True, and also according to history and tradi- tion, ladles have been the cause of more wars than they fought in, and some of them "were no better than they should have been." But modem ladies are different from ancient ladies. f T i s in any country are supposed to reckon with existing conditions What is the condition -c home which ought to figure princi- palis m the Canadian Government s tariff plan- ning ' is it not the need to provide lor the wel- fare of home industry? 33* Fain y Side Bacon, piet e cut per lb 23 „- 37* Swift's Pea meal Back Bacon. »t »» -Treasurer." COMMONS TO DIVIDE UPON BUDGET SOON TVE LEADED OPENS DIS CAMPAIGN and approves of every measure thai will afford to Canadian agriculture, industry and labor an equal oppor- tunity and fair competition In the the |,| evelopnipnt of the rich and varied natural resources of the Dominion " After such a general statement, however the amendment went on to express regret tlmt. Meanwhile Dr .1 Loudon Du'Ni minister to Prance and chairman of the leag ie s pretmra Uirv dlsanna ment commission, of which the Unltad States Is a member, has gone to Oeneva to discuss with the dele- gate,, of the league . Almost an acre of well-laid-out grounds, tennis court; magnificent shade trees and shubberyi The first time offered $ 18,000 OAK RAY BUNGALOW NKAR SKA. hed bv the delegation which met hllli iecenfly on the sub|ec, ( al Commission in Van- couver Kndoise Prut ciple of System Angus Campbell & Co., Ltd. The new tariff may "have the defects of its qualities " According to critics the defects are more obvious than the qualities, but there it is, and the people mu.v a. announce the Mig Mnn nt of Lhe Lr youngest (Uu Jb U'i . Q OUR 1 OOD 13 GOOD OUR VIKW IS FAMOUS fcngagement Announced The engagement ls announced if Ettle, daughter of Mr Samuel Kirk Patrick, of ilodney. Byng ls visiting in Na- naimo and Port AJbernl for a few clays • • | Hull from 'Iaeoina Mrs Maimerman Campbell ha* returned from Tacnni.i and I, at 2149 Uranite Street HOME COMMITTEE REVIEWS ITS WORK Somenos of Engagement Annnuno A The engagement is announc Miss Lallle Johnson, of Yi late of Victoria to Mi John Wat son of Vancouver BC The wed ding will take plaee in Vancouver nn May 24 • • • News of llerran in. *ov • condition The president in her address .stated mat affairs hi the home dur- ing the past year had proves*, d M' oft i v tuo satisiactorliy and that h M committee was imrticubu-lv grateful that Mrs. Saunders, of Prince Edward Island, will be ap pointed to the Supreme Court bench of that province within the next fortnight, or so. At least five foreign ministers — M Brland, Mi Henderson. who egej Japans chief delegate to the Lggt- don conference, also intends to pass through (lerieva on his way home to Toklo about this time. Cement driveway to double garage with cement floors. Right Hon W I Mackenzie King Prune Mim-ter of Canada had not grappled with the problem when appro*! and the verv moment that speech was finished a new tariff was in op- eration. from the University of British Columbia on a of two ... with Mr» Mrs A Nairn Robertson and her two children returned to Vancouver ycstriday a'U-i w Miing Mm. Island Social Notes :icu mmeymoon ar [ HOTEL Cr OPA)B. R A Plcyfatr, of 1161 Hampshire Hoad f »• * • Tubes Tested Free If »our mdin larks "w," el Ul Indinunct inn. Mrs Whit tier The fi- nancial statement hhowed that 'he affairs of the home w, re in a sat - i.'fn. Queen Olives, ttie Udj 2 pkts 23* The ions Rovrrmnii the op- eration ol motor vehicles have been amendtd in certain material ways, especially with respect to the carry inn ol light.- These new are ,. us requirrd tlmt there shall be two headlight - of squal power, the power of these lights not to be less than J I and not over 32 candlepower. Today all the pilgrims will as* semble In the ampin: heat re 11 Carthage solemnly to commemorate, the memory of the holy martyri who died theie and throughout all North Africa durin.r the fir** , .-1 tunes of Chrlstianitv Children draaaad la Oiuaa iters' costties march 1n a prcu'e.v loy and congress hopes tliat the which yesterday wa« wind', rainy, will be clement during in -in 1&£ and thli ! But 1 1 hi I lie peace pacts and agreements and under- standings between the nations are just so much paper and so 'many words, signifying nothing, and wars are inevitable and American entangle - mentf In them are certain, what is the matter with the men of the Unlted%tates? ' ' h'l» ■ 'Hule* S«r-v art Pgrnell did Although the curb Is not pulled hard in the United States, where the dlvoree court* are always busy, we do not believe any divorced man would have much chance of suc- r .. The home market Uiey viewed with contempt because of the alleged meagreness of its possibilities Sir John Macdonald was the first Canadian statesman who had the foresight to correc Uy estimate the potential value of Uie home market. .3(5** Canned Tomatoes, large tine, ' » for 27* 8 tins for Small 3 lbs.. for the MOSLEM CITV SEES BANNKK 01 CRUSADE plates are already sold to t M French army. The applicant for citizenship was a pacifist on principle and op- peeed to fighting by either men or women. I - piesidcc tant for a country which had few Industries ex cept the basic industry of agriculture.

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The lights are to be used from half an hour after sunset until half an hour before sunrise when operating on the highways Dimming' of the lights is permissible along streets where the l lg hrd Irwin drawing his at- tention to the policy of general tcr- lndia by the authorities, urging on behalf of the Indian mercantile that he sions." LONDON,, May a liner from London today, were besieged by re porters and questioned eagerly con- cerning the actual position of Anglo- Indians and Europeans In India during the present disturbances. Organisers of the congress solved H b .- building m reeoid breaking lime a tent cit\ on tiv historic site of Cat Miage I'hese tents are of the type used by the French North Aft! FRIDAY, MAY 0, 10.10 3 V • ■r AMPHION HALL A Perfect Palacs— 7M Yttea 8c Comlortkhl*. Any lady who is a real lady shrinks from fighting; for fighting is vulgar and evidence of lack of breeding. John Macdonald has been the policy of Canada ever since the tune of its founder, although succeeding Governments antagonistic to It in theory have modified its principles The result of that policy is that Can ada is no longer a country of one basic industry, that of agriculture It is u country of many actual Industiies and of other potential Indus- tues The one thing lacking is population and the domestic market and the domestic market which follows population The present.

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