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You're probably thinking, "Who would have sex on a reality show where millions of Americans will be watching you?" Well it does sound pretty out there, but Big Brother contestants aren't exactly known for their modesty.

Anyway, perhaps the breakup was mutual and they’re on their way to staying friends.The two got friendly between the sheets, ending with David saying, "Grandma's gonna love this." I'm guessing she didn't.During Season 9, the houseguests were particularly horny, probably because CBS wanted the contestants to be extra-enthusiastic about the matchmaker-themed season.Liztin is over, says Liz Nolan in a Twitter announcement to her fans revealing the once fauxmance turned showmance turned real world relationship between Big Brother 17 Houseguests Liz and Austin Matelson has come to an end.Writing to her fans, Liz explained, “Thank you for following Austin and I on our crazy/incredible/special journey, & as we navigated life outside the Big Brother house.

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Even Donny got a peck on the cheek from Amber after they worked together to win last week's Battle of the Block competition. has been in a tizzy over the current season of Big Brother across the pond because houseguests Steven and Kimberly were caught having sex.