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INDIAN WELLS, CALIFORNIA MIKI SINGH: Jan-Michael Gambill, the big winner tonight over Andre Agassi. He's advanced to his first career ATP Tour semifinal. His ranking has already improved into the 80's from 126. For a long time, American tennis fans have been wondering, "Who is going to be the next great player after the generation of Sampras, Agassi, Courier, Chang." In your gut, do you think you could be the next great American player? I love an atmosphere like that, but I was still surprised by it. Hopefully, I would get the opportunities in the match to progress and win the match. I get nervous like at 5-3 in the third set when I know that I have a very good chance of holding my serve and winning the match. JAN-MICHAEL GAMBILL: I would say that sounds pretty funny. JAN-MICHAEL GAMBILL: Like I said before, I think I said I was riding a wave. I've never been at a match where the people were that into it. JAN-MICHAEL GAMBILL: I feel like right now I can stay on the court with anybody. I'm just lucky they're down here to watch me this time. A year ago, if someone told you that you'd be playing a Super 9 with Chang, Agassi, Courier, Sampras, you'd beat two of them, that you'd be the last name in the group, what would you say to them? I've always aspired to be in a match situation like this, in a tournament situation like this, such a prestigious and huge tournament. JAN-MICHAEL GAMBILL: That was a split second thing. I don't like showing that kind of anger on the court really. I smacked it out there, and I forgot about my anger and went on to the next points. I just want to take it one match at a time, one tournament at a time, and hopefully build maybe that kind of reputation over time. JAN-MICHAEL GAMBILL: My shot selection was a little better. I mean, he's an amazing player and a great champion. What was the difference today between this match and the two previous matches you just played with him, maybe what you learned in those matches that helped you today?

Gambill was also sponsored by Prince for both his racquets and apparel.

He was coached by his father Chuck Gambill, who also coaches Jan-Michael's younger brother Torrey.

Throughout his career, Gambill was hampered by numerous injuries.

I even got up 40-15 that last service game, 5-3, he hit two great shots to come back to deuce.

Are you aware that he's told Tom Gullikson he thinks you should play the second singles at the Davis Cup?

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