James hardy dating trina

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A quick peruse, both West Slope Classic Fly Tackle and Vintage Fly Tackle on their websites list Hardy 'finishers', mention J. Drewett featured two letter stamps in his book photographed with other surviving reel makers tools.If JH was and apprentice under Alfred Broadleys guidance in 1912, maybe 20-22 years old, He would probably still be making reels at the age of 55-57. I suppose that one could conjecture that the 1912 perfect shown could have been 'finished' by either AB or JH ,the number 5 between the letters of the JH clouds the issue somewhat, bearing in mind (according to Drewett) finishers initials were more common later on after WW1 (if memory serves).He mentioned that he made three Perfects and three Altex reels during his time there. Knowing that James hardy was a keen flyfisher, could that reel have been one of the three Perfects?He was grateful for the pictures that I sent him, saying he would put them in the copy of the book that he wrote about Hardy's. Also interesting to note is that both the contracted Perfects were in the US before they came my way, up here in Toronto.Thats quite a find , to have 2 out of 3 fly reels he made ,well its long odds for sure. Malcolm If the JH who made that 1912 check Hardy was still making reels in the early 1950's that would be one heck of a reel making career of 35 years. People tended to stay at their work back in the days..I find it interesting that they are leaded as well, have a salmon straight line stamp that is leaded so helps with the dating of it . One would also think that the name would be recognized. not like nowadays when people stay for two years at each place...Our representatives are waiting to talk to you by phone at 916-457-2754, email ([email protected]) or online chat right here on the website. Why not call our local Sacramento Showroom right now?

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You continuously make us proud, you are loved by so many, and you’re smile will always… And the final picture from my week in Carolina is with the man himself. 🥰 @ Five County Stadium instagram.com/p/Bz Ws V11H4r VA…